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Reduced rates are available for clients who are concession card holders and paying the account themselves. Fro

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Reduced rates are available for clients who are concession card holders and paying the account themselves. From time to time, بیشتر بدانید there will be opportunities for the community and clinic clients to participate in research that evaluates emerging treatments for psychological problems. Treatments provided at the Clinic are evidence-based, meaning high-quality research has demonstrated that the intervention effectively reduces the problem you are having. A comprehensive assessment is conducted over one or more sessions to understand your problem and overall health and wellbeing. The USC Clinical Psychology Team conducts world-leading research to improve health and wellbeing. To avoid conflicts of interest or dual relationships, the Clinic is unable to provide treatment to USC staff, immediate family members of USC staff or students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)(Honours) programs. MSU clinical psychology doctoral students, as well as other trainees or students enrolled in practicum, اطلاعات بیشتر receive intensive and specialized training through the Clinic. One of our clinicians will contact you to complete a brief phone interview to determine if the Psychology Clinic is the best place to meet your needs. Your Provisional Psychologist will discuss the options with you. Talk to your GP about other treatment options if you have these problems. The clinic offers services provided by Provisionally-registered Psychologists who have already completed at least four years of university training in psychology, and who are now enrolled in specialist post-graduate Master's degrees. Therefore, the Clinic does not prepare reports for medico-legal matters, and Provisional Psychologists cannot appear in court to offer an expert opinion. It is a mental health center and training clinic for doctoral-level clinical psychology trainees. The Clinic is operated by the University of Connecticut as a training clinic for graduate students in Clinical Psychology. Clinical supervisors provide supervision to students on a daily basis to assist them manage their case load. The clinic is staffed by provisionally registered Psychologists who attend on a 4 -6 month rotational basis. Psychologists with provisional registration are not experts for the purposes of legal proceedings.
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